Mission Statement

Nuvem Clothing was created with a simple idea: to represent the lifestyle we love and live.  From waves to wind, snow to streets, ramps, trails, mats and cages, Nuvem Clothing represents all the subcultures of action sports.  Although rooted in Southern California, Nuvem Clothing was born in the Pacific Islands.  Heavily influenced by our beginnings in the islands, we hope to embody more than just an active lifestyle, but also the mindset of lazy days at the beach, bonfires on cool nights, and setting suns on a horizon that brings the end of one day and the endless possibilities that come with another.  At Nuvem Clothing, we aspire to live active, healthy lives, pushing athletic boundaries and being the best in all that we do. We hope that our company and our products inspire you to do the same.  Nuvem Clothing is more than a clothing brand…It’s a lifestyle.  Choose to live it.









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